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Online Skype Therapy

The idea of online skype therapy, or meeting with a professional online for therapy reasons is a concept that is now more readily available with improvements in communication technology. Plenty of therapists are ready, willing, and able to meet you online to work with you. There are more options than just online skype therapy, you can meet with a therapist on many different platforms. Typically, your therapist will have special software and instructions for you that will be relatively easy to set up and get started with. You can start looking for a therapist online by using the therapist finder below.

You should know that some platforms, like online skype therapy, may not be HIPPA compliant. For that reason, your therapist may use something other than skype or a video communication software that you’re used to. Online skype therapy, as of January 2017, is not HIPPA compliant. The good news is that most of the software that online therapists use is built with you in mind. They know that you don’t want something complicated or difficult to get started with. They’ll typically simply have a link or some simple instructions to follow to get started with your online therapy.

The times that you meet with your therapist may be more flexible given the online format of therapy, but in many cases, you’ll typically still have regular session times and a reliable schedule. Some therapists are willing to work around more demanding schedules to ensure that therapy can continue uninterrupted. You’ll want to check with your therapist to see how scheduling works with them.

If you’ve been looking for online skype therapy, you’re probably still wondering if this is right for you, or if it’s really a viable way to start treatment. There are studies which already show that online therapy is very effective. The convenience of online therapy also makes it a lot easier for people to start therapy who might not otherwise.

Finding a therapist through a network is the first step in the process. We’ve created a directory online to help you do just that. While you might not necessarily be doing online skype therapy, you will be able to find a therapist that is right for you and get started with scheduling your sessions!

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