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You can find a therapist  in the OnlineTherapy.com directory. Online counselors are available worldwide in our global directory of the world’s leading trained and credentialed experts.

With advancements in communication technology and video calling, online counseling has become an option for people looking to connect with their therapist in a more convenient way. You no longer have to drive to meet a therapist at their office. You can set up flexible schedules and meet remotely while working on the same issues and even working with your partner, all with the flexibility and comfort of online communication.

Why find a therapist online?

Online therapy is convenient. Scheduling time with a therapist can be quite flexible. This is especially important if you or a loved one travels a lot but you’d still like to work together in therapy sessions. You can meet with a therapist from anywhere in the world. The Online Therapy Directory also has therapists that speak many different languages, so if you’re in a foreign location, you can find a therapist in the directory that speaks your language and can help you with your transitions.

Online therapy is also effective. You get the same level of expertise from a credentialed professional using teleconference technology. Using secure platforms, therapists can interact with their patients from anywhere in the world. You may even be located very close to your therapist but, perhaps, meeting remotely is still more convenient and approachable to you. This is what makes online therapy so powerful and effective.

The online therapist search is simple and enables you to narrow down what you are seeking.

Using the Online Counseling Find a Therapist search, you can narrow down what type of therapist you’re looking for, what issues you’d like to work on with that therapist, what age group you’d like your therapist to specialize in, and what language or languages you’d prefer that they speak. After your initial search, you can drill down even further into other advanced selections if you wish.