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I. The 5 Best Online Christian Counseling Services of 2024

Ritual – Best Overall

Ritual is an online therapy service dedicated to helping you and your partner grow in your relationship. In addition to general couples’ counseling, Ritual offers therapy specifically geared toward Christian couples. You’ll first meet with a trained expert to discuss your relationship goals, then focus on one goal at a time until you feel like you’ve made sufficient progress.

Chatnow – Best for Clients on a Budget

Financial stressors can easily trigger feelings of anxiety and depression. With the business and employment fluctuations in many industries, finding room in a budget for therapy may be a struggle. Chatnow offers free online therapy in a chat application compatible with iOS and Android systems and has 24/7 access for UK residents and clients in other countries.

Christian Therapist On Demand – Best for Self-Esteem and Anxiety

Christian Therapist has nationwide availability, and while there aren’t necessarily 24/7 treatment options, there is on-demand care. With hundreds of therapists and care to address common mental health conditions such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression, plus specialized body dysmorphia and eating disorder counseling, there are many options for the right fit.

Grace Wellness Center – Best for Marriage and Family Counseling

Grace Wellness Center has a limited service area and a smaller purview than other counseling services on our list. However, it specializes in marriage and premarital counseling and parenting counseling and family dynamics. Unique among other counseling services, Grace Wellness also offers discreet and compassionate counseling for sex addiction and pornography.

Cornerstone Christian Counseling – Best for Flexibility in Treatment

Cornerstone allows subscribers to choose their own counselors, and clients may opt to have one counselor for one issue and a different one for another, co-occurring concern. The service addresses a wide variety of mental and emotional health concerns, and sessions are available via video chats or phone talks.

II. How We Chose the Best Online Christian Counseling

Key features for Christian counseling involve incorporating Christian values and faith into practical, science-based therapy techniques. Many licensed Christian counselors use proven methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavioral therapy. We’ve researched many online counseling services to ensure that each one on our list provides secure and reliable connections and can serve most types of clients. While many of the clients of Christian counselors are Christians, other people may be exploring the religion, and so we look for counselors who treat the patient, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

Communication Methods

Online counseling is all about finding the right communication method to allow clients to feel relaxed yet still able to make themselves heard by their counselor. Some individuals may choose to tackle delicate issues over the phone, while others may feel more comfortable with a texting chat method. The option for video chat allows the therapist and client to have a voice conversation as well as pick up on the nuances of facial expressions. However, more clients are likely to stick with therapy if it suits their lifestyle. Different communication methods and convenient access are an important part of evaluating an online counseling service.

Available Therapists

Therapy is, at its core, intensely personal. Having a connection with their therapist can make a difference in the effectiveness of an individual’s therapy session. A service that has Christian counselors with a variety of backgrounds and personalities opens the door to more clients and helps people find a counselor they “click” with — one who inspires trust and protects their vulnerability.

Accessible Care

While many therapists have standing appointments with their clients, one of the perks of online therapy is the ability to get help when needed, whether it’s during a crisis or simply if a client has an untraditional schedule. We looked for service providers that offer same-day appointments or on-demand counseling, as well as those with minimal wait times for appointments.

III. Our Top Picks for Online Christian Counseling

Ritual – Best Overall

Image 73

Ritual specializes in helping clients improve their relationships by focusing on individual goals. The company’s Christian-oriented couples’ counseling programs feature many of the elements that have made their other services so popular, including face-to-face sessions with trained experts and self-guided activities for you and your partner. 

While Ritual draws inspiration from traditional couples’ counseling, you can choose to participate alone or with your partner. You’ll begin your counseling with an introductory video session, during which you can discuss your romantic and spiritual goals with a trained counselor. This foundational meeting helps the counselor establish your “Pathways,” or individual relationship goals. Your Ritual program will focus on one Pathway at a time.

Ritual’s counseling programs do not have a set duration, the idea being that you should participate in the therapy as long as you feel the need. Most Pathways can be completed within 2 months. You’ll have sessions with your counselor throughout each Pathway. These sessions generally last 15 to 20 minutes, and are supplemented with journal prompts and activities you’ll complete both with your partner and alone during the course of each week. The Ritual app contains a library of resources and tools to enhance your experience.

If you want to receive counseling alone, you can choose between plans with weekly and bi-weekly sessions. Those who complete Pathways with a partner can choose a monthly plan with three private sessions for each person and a joint session at the end of the month. Users receive a 20% membership discount with the discount code “Therapy20”. Discount is automatically applied at checkout when you click on the link above.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$100 to $160/month (individuals) or $260/month (couples) Video chat, messaging No 10+

What Patients Are Saying
A common thread in the reviews of many satisfied Ritual customers is the relationship they develop with their counselor, and how that in turn helps them improve their relationship with their partner. “I felt a connection with Naomi, my expert, from the get-go,” says one Ritual client. “The process has been so insightful and brings new layers to my marriage.”

Chatnow – Best for Clients on a Budget


Many people struggle with finances, making it even more challenging for people to pay for mental health counseling. Chatnow is a free app with access to NeedHim’s Christian volunteers around the clock. Unlike some counseling services, the live chats are anonymous, which some individuals may appreciate, especially those who feel shame or guilt about their struggles.

Not all of the counselors at Chatnow are licensed, professional therapists. However, the volunteers offer Bible-based help, answer questions, and provide a listening ear to those who struggle with addictions and those who feel lost, sad, confused, and in pain. The immediacy of 24-hour counseling may be especially beneficial to people who aren’t sure whether to engage in professional therapy.

Most communication between client and therapist at Chatnow is through private online chat, although clients also have an option to email the service and converse in that manner. Counselors provide Christian assistance and hope, seeking to help their clients find peace. Because the service is free, no insurance is necessary. This is a UK-based service, although Americans may use the services too. It works with clients who have concerns about relationships, including LGBT interactions, addictions such as pornography, gambling, drugs, and alcohol, people who are struggling with worry, anxiety, or depression, and those simply feeling lonely or lost.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$0 None needed Not applicable Not listed

What Patients Are Saying
Finding a connection when it’s desperately needed is one thing that reviewers mention about Chatnow, and having around the clock availability is important. Says one user, “On this specific evening I felt as if the world was collapsing, and needed anyone, someone – to talk to. Someone came online immediately, and listened and listened more, then empathized.”

Christian Therapist On Demand – Best for Self-Esteem and Anxiety


Having a foundation based on faith can help many people who struggle with self-worth and anxiety, and that’s the core of what Christian Therapist On Demand provides. It’s an online counseling service of licensed therapists who help individuals seeking to improve their quality of life. They delve into specific issues, such as the quality of relationships, including marriages and parenting, addictions, trouble with eating and sleeping, grief, and self-esteem and body image issues.

Although Christian Therapist does have on-demand services, there isn’t 24/7 access to a counselor, so individuals who are contemplating self-harm or are in an immediate crisis are urged to seek help at a local hospital. Furthermore, while the practitioners at Chrisitan Therapist are licensed therapists, they’re not licensed psychologists and cannot prescribe medicine. However, licensed therapists can make recommendations for psychiatric treatment when indicated.

Clients have several options for therapy sessions, with tier levels and pricing based on the number of sessions per week. These plans can include video sessions, worksheets for clients to do on their own, access to podcasts and other informational seminars, and sound therapy to assist with meditation and sleep.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$32 per week (Billed Monthly @ $128) Unlimited Messaging
$43 per week (Billed Monthly @ $172) Unlimited Messaging Plus
$69 per week (Billed Monthly @ $276) Ultimate Unlimited Messaging Plus
Video Call, Messaging No Hundreds of therapists

What Patients Are Saying
No online reviews are available at this time.

The Grace Wellness Center – Best for Marriage and Family Counseling


Grace Wellness Center is both an in-person counseling center and an online resource for those seeking marriage and relationship therapy with Christian values. It’s run by a husband and wife team, Stephen and Jeana Luther, and is open to people of all ages. In-person therapy combines holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit, while the online counseling services help those who can’t access resources in person.

Therapists work with clients by using biblical principles to restore relationships, including marriages troubled by infidelity or sexual addiction, as well as helping couples explore deeper issues before joining in marriage. Family counseling is available, as are services that cover trauma-based Christian parenting. Online programs are offered nationally with licensed practitioners trained to help those with mental health concerns, including people who struggle with addiction.

Subscribers to Grace Wellness online services also have access to life coaching and diet and wellness plans. The therapy service’s perspective of incorporating spiritual and physical care with mental health therapy encourages clients to live their best lives. Clients can choose their own counselors and meet with them over the phone at scheduled appointment times. Many types of insurance are accepted, although each patient should check their policy.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
Quote-based Phone Call Yes 19

What Patients Are Saying
Incorporating faith into therapy is important to many clients. Says one, “I really appreciate having a Christian counselor to pray with me and give me insight into things. It increases my faith when my faith gets weak.” Many clients feel that a spiritual counselor gives them a safe space. “It has been a great experience so far. Being able to speak to someone that I feel comfortable with and secure is amazing.”

Cornerstone Christian Counseling – Best for Flexibility in Treatment


Uncertain times and people who struggle with uncertain situations are the types of clients that Cornerstone Christian Counseling specializes in. Different therapists address different concerns, including marriage, family, and individual counseling. Unlike some online therapist services, Cornerstone also offers online therapy for children, either to address individual issues with the child or as a part of overall family therapy.

Another dimension of Cornerstone’s counseling is helping those who may not have struggled with mental health concerns in the past, but are now experiencing distress due to social isolation, uncertainty about their jobs or finances, illness or loss of a loved one, or people who are struggling to process emotions and changing family dynamics. Cornerstone isn’t a crisis center, nor does the company offer clinical psychological care.

Cornerstone uses the Zoom platform for online therapy, which is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine service. Clients are matched with a counselor based on the intake form and their individual needs. Although counselors are assigned at the outset, Cornerstone is very flexible about allowing clients to change therapists to find the best personal fit. Appointments are scheduled at specific days and times and typically last 45 minutes, although 75-minute sessions are also available.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$55 per session – Tier 1
$95 per session – Tier 2
$115 per session – Tier 3
$145 per session – Tier 4
$175 per session – Tier 5
Video Call No 20+ counselors

What Patients Are Saying
The family-based services have had positive results for many clients. Says one, “I am so grateful I have found a great counselor through Cornerstone. She has given me some great tools through a difficult year. And even though tears may be shed at every session, she has the ability to encourage in such a meaningful way. We have had some great family sessions also. My children connect with her, and we have grown as a family. Thank you!”

IV. Online Christian Counseling FAQs

What is online Christian counseling?

Online Christian counseling is virtual therapy for mental health concerns with a basis in faith and biblical principles. Christian counselors are licensed therapists who also include prayer, spiritual guidance, and faith-inclusive resources in therapeutic practice.

Is online Christian counseling effective?

Each participant’s results will vary, and unlike medical treatment for physical ailments, it’s difficult to ascertain when someone with mental health struggles is “cured.” However, common treatment for issues such as anxiety and depression, addiction, and eating disorders often includes psychological counseling. Therefore, many clients who face these challenges find healing from Christian counseling.

What are the benefits of online Christian counseling?

A benefit of Christian counseling is allowing patients to include their faith in their therapeutic work. For many people, having a faith-based foundation or a higher power for strength can lead to more consistent growth and positive results.

Other benefits include marriage and family counseling that seeks to preserve the family unit, as well as helping those who struggle with addiction, infidelity, and sexual addiction find strength. Some individuals also feel more secure talking to someone who shares their faith and moral beliefs.

How much does online Christian counseling cost?

Some Christian counselors view their services as an outreach ministry and offer volunteer-provided services for free. Others work with some insurance companies, so clients may only pay a fraction of the overall costs. The average out-of-pocket costs for online Christian counseling ranges between $30 and $70 per week.


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