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I. The 5 Best Online Career Counseling of 2024

Growing Self Counseling & Coaching – Best Overall

Growing Self Counseling & Coaching offers diverse options for receiving career advice. You can book a video or in-person appointment, and you can also attend classes and solution sessions. It has international geographic availability and provides all kinds of life coaching services.

Allison Task, Career and Life Coach – Best Membership Plan

For a subscription-based option, look at coaching sessions with Allison Task, a certified Personal Coach who uses a variety of digital platforms such as Zoom and Skype to work with her clients worldwide. After years of working toward finding her own passion, Allison is well-prepared to guide her clients to meet their career goals.

CallTheONE, Coaching – Best for Worldwide Remote

No matter where you’re located in the world, you can get career coaching, life coaching, or dating coaching using this platform’s video and phone call options. Visit the website to instantly connect with a career coach who can speak to you virtually. This service connects you to experts in the field as well as career coaches

One Mind Therapy, Life Coaching – Best for Digital Appointments

You can schedule online career counseling sessions on One Mind’s website with Elizabeth Sockolov, LMFT. It offers help exclusively online, via video or phone call. Definitely take advantage of the free initial consultation before receiving a quote for your appointments.

Thriveworks Counseling– Best for Insurance Coverage

Thriveworks accepts insurance, making it ideal for those who have insurance coverage and want to save their personal finances. With a comprehensive price range, appointments can work within low to mid-range budgets. Schedule appointments online or in-person via the website. Services are also available in Spanish.

II. How We Chose the Best Online Career Counseling Services of 2024

We researched each online career counseling platform and evaluated it based on specific criteria to ensure it’s accessible, reliable, and suitable for clients at various stages of life.

Communication Methods

Online career counseling services need to be easy to obtain and convenient for booking. We selected services that offer various communication channels, including video calls, phone calls, and in-person sessions so that you can receive career advice at any time, from anywhere. We looked at services that have mobile apps to make scheduling your appointments easier and providers that offer international services so you can contact them from anywhere in the world, not just within the United States.

Available Therapists

We looked at the specific types of coaching services available on the selected websites to ensure there were various service types beyond career counseling. While each vendor provides career counseling or coaching specifically, each also has therapists that offer other services, like enhancing your employability through anger management programs or life coaching sessions, which help you evaluate your life as a whole beyond the career.

Accessible Care

We looked at how available each service is to potential clients. We’ve created a list that consists of a mixture of services open to domestic and international clients to serve you wherever you are in the world. We’ve also incorporated an option for native-Spanish speakers who want to receive service in their mother tongue rather than English.

III. Our Top Picks for Online Career Counseling Services of 2024

Growing Self Counseling & Coaching - Best Overall


Growing Self Counseling & Coaching offers professional development and career coaching services at in-person locations in Colorado and internationally via video call. It caters to busy professionals looking to get more out of life without sacrificing convenience. You can visit the offices in Denver at Cherry Creek, Denver Tech Center, Fort Collins, and Broomfield for in-person appointments. It has satellite offices in San Francisco and Bentonville as well, plus it offers online video conferencing for long-distance domestic and international clientele. It provides a free initial consultation so you can get a sense of whether the career coach you’ve connected with will work for you and feels right for setting you on the path to success.

All of Growing Self Counseling & Coaching’s coaches possess doctorates or master’s degrees in counseling psychology and coaching training. There are no cookie-cutter programs here; instead, each coach works one-on-one with the client to develop a plan to help them achieve their goals. They differentiate between career coaching and career counseling, and there’s a dedicated coach to assist with resume writing and developing your interview skills. This is a fantastic all-around choice for a flexible platform that can set you up for success when job hunting.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$105-$150 per session In-person, Video Call Not mentioned Unknown

What Clients Are Saying

Many clients are extremely satisfied with the coaching they received from Growing Self Counseling & Coaching. A former coaching client says, “WEEKS after seeing Dr. Bobby, I achieved my goal of finding a career that suits me perfectly. I’m still in disbelief of how quickly it all happened.”

Allison Task


Allison Task, LMFT is a certified personal coach who offers personal, transition, and career coaching services. Through her in-person, video chat, or phone sessions, she helps you conceive, plan, and build the life and career you want. Allison Task doesn’t offer career counseling in which you go through skill-based assessments to find a compatible career. Instead, she provides accessible coaching services that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and expand your network connections to lock down a job that is meaningful to you, contributing to your ultimate ambitions. This service is ideal for high achievers, though it doesn’t come cheap. Career coaching is for adolescents, recent graduates, or adults who want to make a career change.

Working with a coach is ideal if you already know what you want and are looking for support to get there. A career coach can help you take the steps you need to meet your goals. If you’re unsure of your skills and interests, a career counselor might be more useful.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$375 for an introductory session In-person, Video Call, Phone No Unknown

What Clients Are Saying 

Allison Task’s clients have left shining five-star reviews of their experience with her coaching. “I was in a rough place, stuck in a job I hated and very unhappy in my life. Allison helped me navigate toward a new job in my field, doing what I love. She lifted me up when I needed support and pushed me when I needed it. I can honestly say I am happy with where I am in my life now and enjoy everything I do!!”



CallTheONE is a career coaching service that operates exclusively online via video chat and phone call. It’s possible to book appointments in advance online with several certified coaches who all have their own fixed rates. This means prices can work for people with lower budgets who still require sound career advice. This is one of the most accessible online career services, especially if you download the mobile app.

CallTheONE coaches can offer assistance in various ways, from helping you draft an application or cover letter to matching your talents with an array of jobs or fields of work. Speak to someone already working in your desired field, for example, a yoga instructor, to seek advice on pursuing that same path. On-demand service is available from select

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
Quote-based Video Call, Phone Not mentioned Unknown

What Clients Are Saying 

Clients love that they can connect with an expert via CallTheONE to learn how to model their career path after someone who has already been through the process. “Fantastic concept that allows you to come into direct contact with people with the right knowledge. Use within a few clicks and now that more and more people can be found, it is becoming increasingly valuable to me. I have good experience with it.”

One Mind Therapy


One Mind Therapy offers a free initial consultation to determine if career and life coaching are the right approaches for you. When you need assistance managing work stresses or a career crisis but don’t need a therapist, you might be seeking a coach. Elizabeth Sockolov, who is a registered therapist and is actively working toward her Mindfulness Meditation certification, can help. One Mind Therapy assists with transitioning into a new job, managing stress from work, and finding a meaning or purpose in your work. Once Elizabeth helps you identify meaning or purpose for your life or a cause that’s important to you, your path to a career that makes sense and aligns with those values can be illuminated. It’s also a useful service if you’re moving to a new place and want to prepare for the job market there.

With One Mind Therapy, all services are virtual and can be scheduled in advance. This means that no matter where you’re located in the United States, One Mind Therapy is accessible to you via phone or video call.  The service also offers supportive resources like meditations and worksheets so you can work on your development independently.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
Quote-based after a free consultation Video Call, Phone No Unknown

What Clients Are Saying 

Elizabeth’s clients praise her professionalism and her ability to provide them with the tools for continued success even after their sessions with her come to an end. “Elizabeth is one of a kind. I have been in need of seeing several therapists over the years but her approach in providing the tools needed to overcome issues rather than just talk about them has been paramount to my overall life success. Could not recommend her more!”

Thriveworks Counseling


Thriveworks Counseling is suitable for college students who can’t choose between majors, middle-aged adults with a dream they want to chase, or older adults who require assistance figuring out what the next step is in their career. These career counseling services guide you through discussions that help you make focused occupational and education decisions. Sessions vary from person to person depending on their age and stage of professional life. Coaching exercises can involve activities like IQ and personality tests for the counselor to better assess the individual’s skills and strengths. Counseling with Thriveworks can help you determine the next step in your career.

Thriveworks Counseling has over 150 locations across the United States, and it offers access to services 24/7. You can select your counselor and schedule appointments in-person or via video and phone conversations. There’s also a Thriveworks app for mobile devices to increase accessibility to all users. Thriveworks accepts insurance to assist with the financial aspect of the counseling sessions, and after enrollment, you have access to premium member benefits.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$65-$140 per session In-person, Video Call, Phone Yes 150+ locations

What Clients Are Saying

Clients of Thriveworks love the upbeat atmosphere of the offices, the friendly staff, and the ease of booking an appointment. “Thriveworks Counseling is awesome! My therapist, Wendy, has effectively taught me how to manage my problems. I never have issues getting an appointment. Calls are answered in a timely manner. The waiting room is comfortable and inviting. It is great that I can use their free Wi-fi while waiting for my appointment. I would highly recommend Thriveworks Counseling to my friends.”

IV. Online Career Counseling FAQs

What is online career counseling?

Online career counseling involves meeting with a certified counselor who assesses your career interests, values, and skills and uses that information to help you envision a career path. The career counselor may administer aptitude tests, IQ tests, or personality assessments to obtain useful data to help them guide you toward a suitable career that you’ll find fulfilling. Career counseling can also be applied in academic settings for students who have trouble selecting courses or deciding between majors. The counselor can offer advice as to what their future job options might look like based on either decision.

Is online career counseling effective?

Online career counseling is just as effective as meeting with your career counselor in-person. In fact, for a lot of people, it’s actually more efficient. Online career counseling doesn’t have to mean you lose that face-to-face connection. Most platforms provide the option to do a video call so you can still speak with your counselor virtually and see their face during the session. It allows you to make appointments around your busy schedule without having to commute to the offices where your counselor is located, eliminating any stress around the appointment. Online counseling also makes it possible for you to schedule sessions more frequently and for shorter lengths of time so you can achieve your desired results more quickly.

What are the benefits of online career counseling?

There are countless benefits to online career counseling that you can’t get from booking in-person appointments. Online career counseling works around your busy schedule and never requires you to be on-site at the office of your coach, counselor, or therapist. That means you can have a call with your counselor on your lunch break from your desk, at home in the evening when you’re relaxed and comfortable, or even squeeze a phone call in before you get to work. The flexibility that online communication provides makes it easier for you to commit to following your career ambitions.

Online counseling also expands the range of offices you can book with since they don’t need to be located anywhere near you. This means you can research and access the best of the best when it comes to acclaimed, well-educated, and experienced career coaches. Even if you’re working abroad, digital counseling sessions allow you to speak with your career coach in the United States from a hotel room across the globe. Access to support 24/7 has never been more available.

How much does online career counseling cost?

The price for online career counseling varies depending on the business and the services you’re looking for. While most career counselors and coaches offer a free initial consultation to see if they’re a good fit for you, after that, the sessions could range from $65 an hour to $350+. Some career counseling offices accept insurance coverage, but this isn’t the case everywhere. The length of your session, the therapist/coach you select, and the medium over which you choose to speak to them all impact the cost per session. Many platforms offer personalized quotes after filling out a form with information on what services you’re interested in.

Some offices have what is known as a sliding scale, where they offer lower rates for individuals with extenuating financial circumstances. You might also be able to receive more affordable counseling from a graduate student who is interning with a company and hasn’t yet received their official doctorate or degree.


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