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I. The 5 Best Online Premarital Counseling Services of 2023

ReGain Best Overall

ReGain provides affordable premarital counseling for couples through online private rooms. The service is subscription-based, and couples have 24/7 access to a team of licensed marriage and family therapists (MFT).

Growing Self Best for Short-Term Coaching

Growing Self aims to prepare couples for a successful marriage through three different premarital counseling options. From the branded “Lifetime of Love” class to private counseling sessions, couples learn skills and strategies that promote collective growth and future marital success.

Talkspace Best for Messaging

Talkspace is a mobile app-based therapy service offering premarital counseling for all types of couples. Clients receive unlimited text, audio, and video messaging support, and all new clients receive a free one-week trial.

Couples Therapy Inc. Best for Longer Sessions

Couples Therapy Inc. uses science-based techniques to counsel couples through lengthier, more intensive therapy sessions. An extensive assessment is performed before therapy begins to gain a present snapshot of each relationship. Couples receive practical and actionable steps after a private two-hour feedback session from therapists with specialized training in couples counseling.

E-Therapy Cafe Best for Journaling

E-Therapy Cafe’s “life experts” deliver face-to-face counseling to couples via its private, HIPAA-compliant website. Coaching is focused on practical problem-solving and conflict resolution, and couples can test services through a 30-minute trial. All therapists and life coaches are board-certified.

II. How We Chose the Best Online Premarital Counseling

We evaluated each online premarital counseling service, assessing key features to ensure the premarital counseling support provided is confidential, secure, and designed to assist all types of couples.

Communication Lines

Online premarital counseling requires reliable and convenient coaching. We highlight platforms that offer couples many different communication options, including video and phone chat, text messaging, and email. Certain services on this list also have a standalone mobile application that offers on-demand 24/7 support.

Available Therapists

Each couple has unique premarital counseling needs. Choice is a key component in creating a beneficial relationship between couples and counselors. The platforms we include offer an initial consultation to determine counseling needs and pair couples with the appropriately licensed marriage and family therapist.

Accessible Care

Couples should be able to receive consistent premarital counseling before their wedding date. We focus on services that provide couples with accessible care. We also take into account how long couples have to wait to receive their initial appointment. The premarital counseling services on this list provide relationship support services to couples located anywhere in the world.

III. Our Top Picks for Online Premarital Counseling

ReGain - Best Overall


ReGain offers professional premarital counseling to individuals and couples. The ReGain platform aims to facilitate an affordable and accessible space where couples can receive effective counseling. All online relationship support is conducted by a licensed marriage and family therapist and available 24/7 on computers, tablets, and smartphone devices. Couples are matched with a licensed counselor based on the objectives, preferences, and issues that are shared during the signup process. New clients are paired within a few days, and the two users share a joint account to communicate with their designated counselor. Each couple receives access to a dedicated online room where they can share their relationship challenges and ask relevant questions. Counselors also have access to this room and respond directly to questions with feedback and appropriate guidance. Although conversations don’t occur in real-time, couples can decide how frequently they interact with their counselor, and push notifications are sent when a response has been received. Couples are allowed to send unlimited messages during their subscription. Messages and counselor insights remain on the platform for future reflection. Premarital counseling services cost between $60 to $80 per week, and couples are billed monthly. A mobile application is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$80 per week Video
No 5,000

What Patients Are Saying

ReGain receives mostly positive feedback for the practical and thoughtful relationship advice it provides to couples. One user says, “I love the flexibility of chatting with a therapist via phone or video, regularly scheduled and in between schedules all for one price, instead of charging per interaction and then having to wait until the next session to discuss issues.”

Growing Self - Best for Short-Term Counseling


Growing Self provides positive premarital counseling to prepare partners for a successful marriage. The Growing Self team is comprised of Marriage and Family therapists who are educated and professionally trained in couples and family work. The company believes that to have a successful marriage, you must proactively invest in your future together. Their online counseling focuses on creating partner alignment, teaching essential relationship skills, preventing future problems, and creating a long-term plan to ensure collective growth. There are three premarital counseling options available: The Class, The Program, and Private Counseling. The “Lifetime of Love” class is a six-hour program focused on building effective communication, creating agreements, and deepening emotional connections. The three-step “I Do!” premarital program starts with a comprehensive assessment to uncover strengths, expectations, and potential problem areas. Couples then meet privately with a counselor to review strengths and potential areas for growth. The premarital “I Do!” counseling program is delivered typically over three to five sessions. Private counseling services are for couples who are looking for a highly tailored approach to their premarital counseling. Instead of a pre-structured course, couples can explore goals and concerns that are most important to them. Premarital counselors help couples implement skills and strategies delivered directly to their specific needs through continued session work. All couples seeking premarital counseling can receive a free consultation. Growing Self also offers free resources through the Love, Happiness & Success podcast and blog for couples seeking general premarital advice.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$95 per 45-minute session Video
Yes Not mentioned

What Patients Are Saying

Couples have positive feedback for Growing Self’s premarital and relationship counseling. One client says, “I like the scientific aspects that our relationship coach brings in – like studies that support certain conclusions and her ability to create openness about our pasts and getting us to think of who we are individually and together.“

Talkspace - Best for Messaging


Talkspace is a HIPAA-compliant online and mobile therapy company with more than 1 million users. The service was founded by a real-life couple, following their own experiences with couples and relationship therapy. The service provides clients with 24/7 access and flexible scheduling to meet each client’s individual demands. Couples can switch between therapists at no extra cost. The relationship therapy services include premarital counseling, with a focus on family relationships, decision-making, positive marriage resolutions, and creating shared expectations about bigger life decisions. Other relationship topics that are covered in detail include children, finances , and sex. All therapy sessions begin with a consultation process to help identify the licensed therapist most aligned with the couple’s collective goals. Couples are then assigned a shared private room where they can communicate about their relationship challenges directly with a therapist. Through on-going therapy sessions, couples gain a deeper understanding of dysfunctional dynamics, learn communication tools to restore trust, and practice conflict resolution. Talkspace is a subscription-based service, and counseling plans are billed weekly after the free one-week trial period. All plans include weekly live sessions, as well as unlimited text, audio, and video messaging support. The average Talkspace therapist has nine years of experience as a professional mental health care provider, and all are carefully screened before joining the Talkspace team.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$49-$79 per week Video
Yes Not mentioned

What Patients Are Saying

Reviews for Talkspace vary between couples who have experienced transformational change and others who think the services are too expensive. The platform does receive consistent praise for its convenience. One couple says, “Our experience with couples therapy was great! I loved the convenience of writing whenever we had a chance. Our lives are so busy that I think it’d be nearly impossible to go somewhere.”

Couples Therapy Inc. - Best for Longer Sessions

Couples therapy inc screenshot

Affordable and immediate online help for couples is available through Couples Therapy Inc. The service uses senior clinicians and evidence-based techniques to counsel couples before their marriage. All premarital counseling begins with an extensive assessment, including a questionnaire (referred to as “The BIG BIG Book,”) that each partner completes individually online, followed by two online joint sessions and two individual online therapy sessions. The goal of the assessment process is to provide a snapshot of the relationship in its current state. From this point, counselors can identify underlying challenges and make recommendations for treatment to enhance and improve existing relationships. The premarital counseling assessment lasts for five to six hours, and pricing varies depending on the therapist’s experience and education level. At the end of the assessment, a therapist is able to highlight the areas of the relationship that need strengthening, and clearly outline what therapy will entail. Feedback sessions last 1.5 to two hours and include practical, concrete, and actionable steps that every couple can take. Couples Therapy Inc. also offers in-person relationship retreats, and the assessment can be done online in advance or as part of the retreat. Online weekly help continues as needed after the intensive. Couples can also access a free 19-part course: “Upgrade your couples therapy.” and ebooks. The company has offices located across the U.S. and international offices in Canada, Australia, and offers sessions in many languages. It has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and WeddingWire.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$714-$1500 for a 5-6-hour assessment
$2500-$6500 for an intensive weekend
Video No 25

What Patients Are Saying

The feedback from the more than 200 couples who have used the service is very positive. One client says, “I believe that we gained a better understanding of each other and what we perceive about each other. We have more courage to talk about sensitive topics and a renewed commitment to our relationship.”

E-Therapy Cafe - Best for Journaling


Online, face-to-face counseling is delivered to couples by life experts via E-Therapy’s private, confidential, and HIPAA-compliant website. All clients have 24/7 access to the E-space platform via smartphones, tablets, computers, instant E-chats, E-videos, and virtual E-journals. Couples can choose the method of communication that best fits their schedule. The primary goals of E-Therapy Cafe’s premarital counseling services are to improve communication skills and build empathy and respect. The counseling service also helps couples learn effective problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.  A 30-minute trial is available to test their services for $30. Counseling is delivered in three tiers, basic, premier, and elite. First responders and their families receive a 10% discount on therapy services. Free online assessments are also available on the E-Therapy Cafe website to help couples gain more insight and understanding about their relationships. All team members are board-certified, licensed therapists and life coaches, and clients can switch life experts if the assigned counselor is not a good fit due to scheduling or personal preferences.  E-Therapy Cafe has been featured on Fox News, NBC, CBS, The Denver Post, Home Business, and Google News.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$30 for 30 minutes (trial)
$50 per session (pay as you go)
$125 Basic subscription (three E-sessions or E-journals)
$200 Premier subscription (five E-sessions or E-journals)
$300 Elite subscription (eight E-sessions or E-Journals)
No 11

What Patients Are Saying

No online reviews available.

IV. Online Premarital Counseling FAQs

What is online premarital counseling?

Online premarital counseling is an opportunity for couples to understand what each partner hopes to receive from their marriage. By working online with a therapist or counselor, couples can learn communication skills and identify potential problem areas. They’ll also discover tools that can be used in the future for conflict resolution and other relationship-related issues. While it’s not a substitute for the treatment of complex mental issues, premarital counseling helps couples lay a solid foundation for the years to come. Seven states in the United States suggest that couples undergo premarital counseling before their wedding.

Is online premarital counseling effective?

Premarital counseling can help ensure that couples have a stable and healthy marriage. By identifying weaknesses, counseling can help prevent future problems in a relationship. Counseling also provides couples with a more realistic view of their marriage, which can help create a mutual agreement regarding major life decisions. Online apps provide easier access to this helpful premarital step as it is provided from the comfort of their own home and space.

What are the benefits of online premarital counseling?

From clarity regarding core values to improved communication, there are many benefits to online premarital counseling. Premarital counseling also allows couples anywhere in the world to work with a licensed therapist, helping them to prepare for their life together. Online counseling reduces travel time to appointments, eliminates the fear of running into someone you know, and allows couples more flexibility when scheduling sessions.

How much does online premarital counseling cost?

The cost of premarital counseling varies depending on the service. The educational level and professional therapy experience of your counselor also affects pricing. Certain services on this list are subscription-based and cost between $49 to $100 per week, while others (such as E-Therapy Cafe) charge per session. You may be able to get a free trial or consultation to determine if the services are a good fit for you. Couples utilizing the services on this list can expect to spend a minimum of $30 and a maximum of $375 for a premarital counseling session.


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