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I. The 5 Best Online Life Coaching Services of 2024

Allison Task — Best Overall

Certified by the International Coaching Federation, Allison Task offers individualized coaching programs to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Transitional coaching is also provided, helping clients navigate personal challenges such as divorce or redesigning their future after having children.

Blush — Best for Messaging

Blush is a female-led app-based life coaching service with unlimited messaging options, along with video and chat conferences. All team members hold a master’s degree in counseling and are trained to coach clients on confidence building, self-care, life transitions, and personality exploration.

Your Online Life Coach — Best for Mindfulness

Specializing in mindfulness, Your Online Life Coach helps clients use mindfulness techniques, such as reflective and empowering questions, emotional intelligence, and meditation to fuel personal growth and shift to a positive mindset.

Growing Self Counseling & Coaching — Best for Relationship Coaching

Growing Self helps clients manage and maintain happy and healthy relationships through positive, evidence-based coaching. In addition to a suite of services that support couples coaching, Growing Self offers an online library of free coaching resources.

Lifecoach.com — Best for Business and Career Coaching

Lifecoach uses principles and practices developed by founder Talane Miedaner to coach executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Transformational leadership and coaching are the core offerings of Lifecoach.com. Coaching is offered via one-on-one sessions, team coaching, and workshops.

II. How We Chose the Best Online Life Coaching Services

We evaluated each online life coach and analyzed important features to ensure the services offered are relevant to people from all types of backgrounds. We also researched staff to ensure that the online coaching teams and counselors have the training and expertise to advise others in their personal and professional lives properly.

Communication Methods

Life coaching is a personal process, and sessions should be conducted in a manner that best suits the client, wherever and whenever they need assistance. We focused on coaching services that offer multiple communication lines, including video, phone, text messaging, and in-person appointments.

Available Therapists

When seeking help with life decisions and strategizing ways to overcome challenges, it’s important to take advice and guidance from individuals that have adequate professional experience relevant to your needs. We’ve included services that offer a free consultation, so you can meet your coach without a commitment and some that let you switch coaches along the way.

Accessible Care

Many of the challenges and objectives that prompt people to seek coaching play out in real-time, which means coaches and counselors need to be easily accessible. We also showcased services that have easy-to-use platforms and sign-up processes. On this list, we highlighted coaches that offer services to clients located anywhere in the world.

III. Our Top Picks for Online Life Coaching Services

Allison Task — Best Overall


Allison Task is a professionally certified life coach who helps clients achieve personal and professional goals centered on their core values. Task has worked across a wide range of industries and utilizes this knowledge to provide one-on-one guidance. Clients receive assistance with career-based coaching such as starting a business, pivoting into a new industry, or designing their legacy career. Task also helps with transition coaching, which is focused on personal challenges such as divorce, becoming a step-parent, or redesigning life after having children.

Clients begin with an introductory session to determine if they’re a good fit. Task offers three coaching programs: The Quick Start program includes four sessions over two months. (R)evolution is a three-month program and consists of nine sessions. Slow & Steady is specifically geared toward busy professionals or parents seeking long-term impact and includes 12 sessions over six months. All programs include unlimited email support. A 70-minute introductory session is offered to help you “reframe your situation with a fresh perspective and create options to move forward.  Allison Task is certified by the International Coaching Federation and also holds a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$375 – Introductory session Video call
Phone call
No 1

What Patients Are Saying

Clients have extremely positive reviews of Allison Task. One says, “Allison is incredibly sharp, diligent, and kind. Her attention and enthusiasm are especially beneficial to those who seek encouragement and guidance during large transitional periods. Another says, “I’m working with her, I have been able to shift long-held patterns of thinking that were not serving me and, as a result, more fully inhabit my own life.”

Blush — Best for Messaging


Blush offers affordable personal coaching through unlimited texting and video sessions. Counselors on the platform use a combination of techniques based on cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused theory. The Blush team is composed of all-female life coaches, each with a master’s degree in counseling. Clients are matched with a life coach based on their availability and the topics which they would like to cover. The company works with clients through each phase of life, helping clients to understand the “unique struggles we face today in the workplace, at home, and in our relationships.”

One-on-one life coaching sessions begin at $99 a month. Monthly chat + video services include unlimited chat and two-four monthly face to meetings. Popular coaching areas on Blush include confidence building, boundaries and self-care, life transitions, and personality exploration. Prospective clients must sign up for a membership to access Blush’s services, but there is no minimum time commitment. Blush coaching is available on a mobile application that can be downloaded in the App Store and via Google Play. The recently designed app creates a WhatsApp style text messaging platform for client and coach communication.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$99 – Unlimited Chatting
$99 – Video Session
$179 – Chat + Video
Video call
Not mentioned Not mentioned

What Patients Are Saying

Many clients have very positive feedback about the support they receive through Blush. One long-term client says, “I’ve used Blush for about 5 years, and my coach has been amazing! she always replies swiftly and provides excellent advice for every situation in life (work, relationships, family, etc.).”

Your Online Life Coach — Best for Mindfulness


You Online Life Coach works to empower clients from all backgrounds through the process and practice of personal growth, transformation, and achievement. The platform specializes in helping clients identify fears and challenges and guiding them in taking meaningful steps to improve their life, health, relationships, and businesses. All coaching begins with a free discovery call to introduce prospective clients to the life coaching process. Clients then work to craft a strong personal identity. Following this process, Your Online Life Coach helps clients clarify what they want the most. The final steps of the coaching process are to create an actionable plan that empowers clients to become their authentic and most creative self. Shelly Lynott, the founder of Your Online Life Coach, started the service to create a safe space for personal growth. Lynott’s life coaching process utilizes concepts such as reflective and empowering questioning, emotional intelligence and resilience, conflict resolution, mindfulness, and breathwork. Relationship, health, and business coaching are also offered.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
Free discovery call Video call
Phone call
Text message
Not mentioned Not mentioned

What Patients Are Saying

Feedback is positive for Your Online Life Coach. One client says, “Shelly gets to the core issue better than any coach I have worked with. She combines a mixture of coaching tools, deep empathy, and incredible insight forged through a lifetime of self-reflection and outside guidance to thoroughly understand all issues involved.”

Growing Self Counseling & Coaching — Best for Relationship Coaching


Growing Self Counseling & Coaching uses positive and evidence-based counseling and coaching to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. Through focusing on personal growth, the platform enables individuals to find and maintain healthy and happy relationships. All coaches have a master’s or doctorate degree in counseling or clinical psychology. Core services for couples include private marriage counseling, therapy, relationship coaching, and premarital counseling. Services for individuals include private life, career, leadership, emotional intelligence, dating, and divorce recovery coaching. All prospective clients receive a free consultation and can choose between online therapy and coaching services or in-person sessions in Denver, Fort Collins, and the surrounding areas. The client services team helps match new clients with the expert who’s the best fit for their goals. Initial sessions are once a week and then switch to every-other-week to give clients a chance to implement the methodology and strategies covered by their coach. Growing Self also offers free online resources, including an ongoing blog and podcast and quizzes. Coaching costs vary depending on the coach’s education and experience level, and many offer income-based sliding-scale rates for their sessions.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$105 and $150 per session Video call
Not mentioned Not mentioned

What Patients Are Saying

Growing Self has excellent feedback from its clients. One says, “My career coach was so very warm and kind. She is also very insightful and helpful. I feel safe, and I can be completely open to her. … Our work has given me a new perspective and the courage to move forward.”

Lifecoach.com — Best for Business & Career Coaching


Lifecoach.com has been providing coaching services for people around the world for the past 20 years. Founded by Talane Miedaner, the company works with executives, public officials, entrepreneurs, and business owners worldwide. Coaching areas include relationships and love, financial freedom, career, and happiness. Miedaner is also an adjunct professor for Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership and Coaching. Lifecoach.com has been featured in Newsweek, Men’s Health, and on the BBC and CBS Saturday Morning. The company has developed its own coaching program designed to encourage both personal and professional growth. Lifecoach.com also uses computerized assessments to help enhance the coaching process. Lifecoach.com does not offer therapy. Their life coaches are professionally trained as coaches, not therapists or counselors. All coaching programs are customized to the needs of the individual or organization. In addition to providing one-on-one executive coaching, business coaching, workshops, and seminars, Miedaner has also written three books. Coach Yourself to Success, The Secret Laws of Attraction, and Coach Yourself to a New Career all cover principles and practices that Miedaner uses when coaching entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 CEOs.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$400-$1,000 per month for two coaching calls Phone Call No Not Applicable

What Patients Are Saying

CEOs and entrepreneurs who’ve worked with Lifecoach.com speak highly of the transformative experience they’ve had during their coaching. Jeffery J. Raim, the former President of the International Coach Federation, says, “Talane’s coaching transforms lives. She is one of the best in the business.” Sandy Vilas, MCC, the CEO of CoachU Inc., says, “Talane is a masterful life coach — she is the living embodiment of the laws of attraction.”

IV. Online Life Coach FAQs

What is online life coaching?

Online life coaches work with their clients to identify their goals and take active steps towards reaching them. The focus is on clarifying priorities, reinforcing a positive mindset, and sharing tools and techniques to support key tasks. Online life coaching allows individuals, couples, and businesses seeking transformative change the opportunities to access world-class coaching from any location. Although online life coaching can offer a fresh perspective on many areas of life, it’s not meant as a substitute for traditional therapy.

Is online life coaching effective?

When you work with a qualified life coach and apply the techniques and principles recommended for a particular project or life issues, the process can prove very effective. Life coaches work on present challenges and focus on future solutions. Approaching goals can be an effective way to encourage a positive mindset and create proactive change.

What are the benefits of online life coaching?

Online life coaching can help people who feel stuck, are seeking a career change, or are searching for more purpose in life. Life coaching can help identify strengths, which can lead to increased confidence and clarity. A coach can provide clients with new ways to approach problems and useful techniques to solve them. Life coaching can help you develop systems that increase your productivity. It can empower teams to work better together, helping individuals take accountability for their actions.

How much does online life coaching cost?

The cost of online life coaching can vary depending on a counselor’s experience, education, and prestige. Some coaching services, such as Your Online Coach, offer prospective clients a free discovery call. Other coaches, such as Allison Task, charge $375 for an introductory session. The coaching services on this list start at around $99 per session for unlimited chat (Blush)  and go up to $3,000 (Lifecoach.com) for three one-hour calls. Growing Self charges either $100 or $150 per session, and the service states that most clients need between 8-16 sessions.

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