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Counseling Near Me

Better options for counseling near me are just a click away.

If you need to find counselors near me, you are in the perfect place! Gone are the days of relying on someone else to give you a recommendation, choosing randomly from a phone book listing, or spending hours reading reviews online. Our Online Therapy Directory was created as a way to connect clients in need of online therapy with therapists and counselors who were offering this service in an ethical, legal, and responsible way. It has since grown to become the #1 online therapy directory in the world. Online Therapy Directory vets all our therapists in order to ensure that they have the right amount of education, credentials, and experience to be a best fit for our site. Finding the right therapist near me is an extremely personal choice which is why we offer two options for finding counseling near me: our online directory and the Matching Tool from Betterhelp.

When you use our Online Therapy Directory, you have the freedom to search our online therapist database to find the right fit based on your area of need. You have the ability to narrow down your search through a variety of matching criteria, including: type of therapist, area of focus, language, gender, treatment approach, faith, or sexuality. If you are feeling overwhelmed with all of the online therapy options, let our therapist finder tool do the work for you. We have partnered with Betterhelp, the world’s leading online therapy platform, to bring you their powerful matching tool. When you use this tool, we get to know you and your specific needs so that we can match you with the perfect therapist for your needs.


There are no options for counseling near me. How can I get the help I need?

If you are looking to find a therapist, but there isn’t a counselor in your community that can help with your specific issue then you are in the right place. The Online Therapy Directory is an international directory that provides a platform to connect people with therapists and counselors all over the world. With our online therapy directory you are no longer limited by local options for counseling near me, but have an entire database of highly qualified online therapists at your fingertips. Choosing online therapy makes the counseling process easier, more convenient, and much more interesting. Our database has counselors and therapists from all 50 states and Washington D.C. There are also therapists from several different countries, including but not limited to: Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Israel, France, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Estonia, Lebanon, New Zealand, Bermuda, India, Singapore, and Serbia.


The Online Therapy Directory promise.

Our online therapy directory was created to help you, the clients who need it the most. We pride ourselves on listing only the best of the best by verifying credentials and references in order to help match their skills to you. Each therapist and counselor listed in our directory has undergone a step-by-step process to verify their credentials and licensure so that you can rest assured that you are getting the quality care you deserve. Our process for finding counseling near me is safe, convenient, mobile, and effective.  As communication technology becomes more accessible to everyone, the way therapists and their clients connect will move more into online communication platforms. We want to make sure that therapists and clients can connect easily with tools that help everyone in finding the right therapist for the right client. Once you have been connected with a therapist, we provide you with a way to  reach out, ask questions, and determine if he or she is the right fit for you and your issue. Together you and your therapist can then determine the best way for you to communicate whether that be through video conference, phone, text, or email.

Whether you are in need of traditional counseling, life coaching, couples counseling, or hypnotherapy, finding counseling near me just got a whole lot easier. Get started now!