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I. What is Online Marriage Counseling?

Online Marriage Counseling Badge

Like traditional marriage counseling, online marriage counseling is a form of therapy that helps couples explore and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Online marriage counseling differs from in-person marriage counseling in that services are provided through live chat, phone calls, video chat, and messaging.

Through online marriage counseling, a therapist with clinical experience helps you as a couple gain insight into your relationship, develop effective tools for dealing with conflict, and strengthen your bond.

To help couples navigate online marriage counseling platforms, we evaluated the most popular online marriage counseling providers by analyzing 14 key features important to those looking for an online therapist.

II. The 9 Best Online Marriage Counseling Companies of 2021

7 Cups — Best Overall
7 Cups offers online counseling, including marriage counseling, as well as a number of free emotional support services for users. For $150 per month, clients can message with a licensed therapist continuously throughout the week instead of one session at a time. Therapists reply once or twice a day, Monday through Friday.

Amwell — Best for Insurance Coverage
Amwell offers online couple’s therapy with licensed therapists at a rate of $99 per session for master’s level therapists or $110 per session for doctoral-level therapists. Amwell works with several health insurance plans, so visits may be covered by insurance.

Couples Learn — Best for Overall Marital Assessment
Couples Learn provides online couples therapy, individual therapy, and premarital counseling.

Couples Therapy Inc. — Best for Gottman Method
Couples Therapy Inc. offers online marriage counseling that begins with an assessment. From there, the therapist prescribes you a type of couple’s therapy. Therapists are certified in science-based approaches to couples therapy, including the Gottman Method.

E-Therapy Cafe — Best for Value
E-Therapy Cafe offers several therapy programs, including a pay-as-you-go online marriage counseling program for $50 per 30-minute session. Services are delivered through instant chat, live video, or a virtual journal.

Growing Self — Best for Solution Session
Growing Self offers online marriage counseling, including “Solution Sessions,” with either a master’s or doctoral-level therapist. Solution Sessions provide quick advice about a specific situation and a written plan of action.

Our Relationship — Best for Self-Guided Therapy
Our Relationship offers online, self-help programs for couples at $50 per month without the help of a coach or $150 per month with the help of a coach. On average, these programs require about eight hours to complete over 2 months.

Regain — Best for Unlimited Messaging
Regain is an online relationship counseling platform that connects couples to licensed counselors via texting through a computer or smartphone. For $60 to $80 per week, couples can share an unlimited number of messages, also called sessions, with their counselor.

Relationship Hero — Best for Membership Plan
Relationship Hero offers bundles and subscriptions for relationship coaching with certified relationship coaches. Subscription plans offer the most consistent support at an affordable rate — either $39 per week for four on-demand sessions per month or $69 per week for eight on-demand sessions per month.

III. How We Chose the Best Online Marriage Counseling Services

By evaluating each company based on several key parameters, we were able to provide you with an unbiased look at secure, reliable online marriage counseling websites.

Communication Methods

Meeting with a marriage counselor should be effortless. That’s why we looked for services that offered a variety of ways to connect, including video and phone chat, email, live chat, and text messaging.

Available Therapists

No two therapists are alike, and marriage counselors often need to click with both partners to ensure reliable results. We’ve listed several services that offer a wide range of therapist choices and some which let you choose your therapist based on preferences.

Accessible Care

Meeting with your counselor shouldn’t require a complete life rescheduling. By choosing an online service with on-demand or same-day appointments, you can ensure minimal disruption to your daily life.

IV. Our Top Picks for Online Marriage Counseling Services

7 Cups — Best Overall

7 cups screenshot

7 Cups is an online counseling platform that matches you with a licensed therapist for ongoing professional relationship support. The service charges a flat fee of $150 per month for an unlimited number of messages exchanged through a private, HIPAA-compliant online chat room. Therapists reply once or twice per day, Monday through Friday. In this way, communication is similar to email. While therapy services aren’t delivered in real-time, couples have the opportunity to receive continuous therapy throughout the week instead of one session at a time, making it an affordable and convenient option.

This service may be beneficial for couples who don’t have the time to commit to live online marriage counseling sessions, need a low level of relationship support, or don’t feel comfortable attending a face-to-face counseling session. 7 Cups is both an app-based and web-based service, so couples can use a smartphone, computer, or tablet to access care.

As an added benefit, 7 Cups offers multiple free services, including 24/7 live chat with volunteer listeners and online support groups that act as a social network of sorts. 7 Cups volunteer listeners aren’t licensed therapists, but they do complete an active listening training program, which teaches skills for compassionate communication.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$150 per month Chat Yes 180 professional therapists

According to clients, 7 Cups provides a comfortable space to discuss relationship issues. “Our experience with couples therapy was great. We couldn’t have found a better way to do therapy with our busy schedules,” writes one user. “We loved the convenience of sending a message to our therapist whenever we had a chance.”

Amwell — Best for Insurance Coverage

amwell screenshot

Amwell, or American Well, is an online therapy service that offers marriage counseling with licensed therapists, including doctoral-level psychologists and master’s level therapists practicing within the Amwell Medical Group. Therapy sessions are conducted via live video through Amwell’s private, secure, HIPAA-compliant web or mobile app. Amwell works with several health insurance plans, so visits may be covered by insurance.

Through online marriage counseling, therapists can help couples address a range of marital concerns, such as communication problems, conflict resolution, infidelity, parenting issues, sexual problems, financial hardship, and more. During the first session, a therapist asks targeted questions about the nature of your  marital problems and how you relate to one another. He or she also asks about goals for online marriage counseling. The therapist then suggests a treatment plan based on  your needs as a couple. Treatment may include insights to help a couple understand the factors contributing to difficulties, strategies for more constructive ways to discuss feelings and concerns, and specific tools for working out conflicts and solving problems together.

Online marriage counseling may be short-term to help couples overcome a specific problem or make a decision. It can also be long-term to address ongoing issues within the marriage, redirect a relationship that has gone off track, or develop healthier ways of relating to one another to strengthen the marriage.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$99 per session (master’s-level clinician) or $110 per session (doctoral-level clinician) Phone, video Yes More than 350 psychologists, social workers, and other mental health practitioners

What Patients Are Saying

Amwell patients love the service for the relationship tools they gained through therapy. “My husband and I were paired with a marriage therapist that helped us improve how we communicate to decrease the number of fights we have,” explains one patient. “We are so thankful for our therapist for getting us to a better place than we’ve ever been in our marriage.”

Couples Learn — Best for Overall Marital Assessment

coupleslearn screenshot

Couples Learn provides online couples therapy and marriage counseling to increase connection, trust, and intimacy in relationships. Therapy is provided by both master’s and doctoral level therapists, including Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Doctors of Psychology (Psy.D.), and Doctors of Philosophy in Psychology (Ph.D.) Additionally, all therapists have completed over 3,000 hours of supervised clinical training.

The cost of treatment depends on a couple’s needs, but services range from $175-$375 per session, depending on the therapist and the length of the session. Master’s level therapists are on the lower end of the price range, while doctoral level therapists are on the higher end. Couples can choose who they wish to work with by booking a free consultation with them or emailing them directly. A no-cost 30-minute video consultation is offered to determine whether working together would be a good fit.

Couples Learn therapists are equipped to address a range of relationship issues, including affairs and infidelity, communication issues, emotional distance, lack of intimacy, significant life events, and more. Additionally, some therapists work with couples from an attachment-based perspective, which is an approach that examines how early childhood experiences impact adult romantic relationships.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$0 for a 30-minute consultation, then $175-$375 per session Video No Not mentioned

What Patients Are Saying

Couples Learn patients value the service for the insights they gained into their relationship dynamics. “Our therapist helped us understand how our childhoods shaped how we behave in romantic relationships,” one patient says. “Based on this understanding, we were able to adopt better ways of interacting with one another that encourage intimacy instead of distance.”

Couples Therapy Inc. — Best for Gottman Method

Couples therapy inc screenshot

Couples Therapy Inc. offers online marriage counseling and marriage retreats with therapists who hold masters or doctorate degrees in psychology. The company has therapists available in several, but not all, U.S. states. For couples who live in a state without an available therapist, Couples Therapy Inc. offers relationship coaching.

The company’s marriage counseling services begin with a comprehensive relationship assessment that includes a detailed questionnaire with more than 800 questions, plus three online video sessions with a therapist. These sessions include interviews with partners, both individually and together. Afterward, the therapist provides feedback about the couple’s attachment styles, relationship strengths, and relationship weaknesses and prescribes a mode of online couples therapy.

Couples Therapy Inc. reports that it specializes in “intensives,” or science-based therapy designed to be completed in one, two, or three full days. Private, intensive marriage counseling retreats are generally designed for couples facing a significant amount of marital distress. Weekly online marriage counseling options that occur in half-day intensives over several weeks are also available.

Couples Therapy, Inc. therapists have advanced Gottman Method training and eight therapists are certified in the Gottman Method. This method aims to improve verbal communication, remove barriers to conflict resolution, create more empathy and compassion, and increase affection, intimacy, and respect.

Unlike most online therapy services, therapists at Couples Therapy Inc. meet as a team once per month by video conference to review cases and to design therapy learning materials for their clients.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$77+ per hour of the therapist’s time
$145-$295 per 80-minute session
Video No 25

What Patients Are Saying

Couples Therapy Inc. patients appreciate the science-based intensives and one-on-one retreats. “We tried therapy a few times but our marriage continued to degrade,” writes one patient. “A big part of our failure was spending only 45 minutes a week on our relationship. This time was different. I want to thank our therapist for saving our marriage.”

E-Therapy Cafe — Best for Value

e therapy cafe screenshot

E-Therapy Cafe offers online counseling services, including online marriage counseling, with board-certified, licensed therapists through several subscription-based programs. These programs, which bundle online counseling sessions, range from $125 to $300 per month.

Additionally, E-Therapy Cafe offers a subscription-free, pay-as-you-go service at an affordable rate of $50 per 30-minute session. These services may be especially helpful for couples looking to talk with a therapist on a short-term basis. Services are delivered through instant chat, live video, or virtual journal.

E-Therapy Cafe’s marriage counseling services target actions, feelings, and thoughts that are ineffective or detrimental to relationships. It stresses that the primary therapeutic focus of marriage counseling involves improving the relationship rather than helping someone with individual issues. In this way, online marriage counseling differs from individual therapy. E-Therapy Cafe therapists work with couples to improve communication skills, build empathy and respect, learn effective problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, strengthen intimacy, and change bad habits and destructive patterns.

Veterans, first responders, and students can receive a discount on services. First-time clients can also receive a 30-minute online marriage counseling session for a reduced rate of $30.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$50 per session (pay as you go)
$125 Basic subscription (Three e-sessions or e-journals)
$200 Premier subscription (Five e-sessions or E-journals)
$300 Elite subscription (Eight e-sessions or e-journals)
Video, Chat No 11

What Patients Are Saying

E-Therapy Cafe patients recommend the service for the cost-effective and compassionate care that it provides. “E-Therapy Cafe helped us get our marriage back on track by providing support for us that was affordable and convenient,” writes one patient. “The therapist with whom we were speaking was so compassionate and professional.”

Growing Self — Best for Solution Session


Growing Self offers online marriage counseling, including “Solution Sessions,” with licensed therapists through video chat and by phone. The fees for marriage counseling vary based on the education and experience level of the therapist. Costs range from $95 to $150 for a 45-minute session. Income-based, sliding scale fees may be an option for couples who can’t afford the full cost of therapy. Growing Self also offers free relationship assessments.

The relationship counseling and coaching services at Growing Self are conducted exclusively by licensed marriage and family therapists who have specialized training and experience in couples and family therapy as well as years of experience in helping couples through strategic, evidence-based, and solution-focused sessions. Growing Self reports that it takes a holistic approach to online marriage counseling by creating a space where both partners feel understood and respected before getting to the root of the conflict. Then, therapists work with couples to build upon the strengths in the relationship and create positive change to reach a new level of connection in the partnership.

In addition to conventional online marriage counseling, Growing Self offers “Solution Sessions.” These sessions are intensive, solution-focused coaching sessions that are designed to target a specific situation. Through a Solution Session, a relationship expert helps a couple gain insight and clarity about the issue and provides a written plan of action to move forward. These sessions may be beneficial for couples who don’t need ongoing marriage therapy but are seeking direction for a specific challenge.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$150 per 45-min session (doctoral-level clinician)
$125 per 45-min session (advanced clinician)
$105 per 45-min session (master’s level clinician)
$95 per 45-min session (new counselors or coaches)
Video chat, Phone Yes Not mentioned

What Patients Are Saying

Many Growing Self users recommend the service for the level of expertise and high quality of care they receive. “Our therapist makes us feel like she’s really invested in our care,” writes one user. “We can’t tell you how much counseling has helped our marriage by getting us to think about our problems in a much more productive way.”

Our Relationship — Best for Self-Guided Therapy


Our Relationship offers online self-help programs for individuals and couples, with or without the guidance of a coach, which can be completed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This may be a good alternative to traditional marriage counseling for couples who are uncomfortable with sharing personal details with a stranger.

Our Relationship reports that its couples version of the program is designed to help couples better understand the underlying problems in their relationship and how to solve them. The relationship program is self-paced but takes, on average, about eight hours to complete over the course of 2 months. During the program, couples complete online activities together that help foster communication skills, emotional connection, and trust.

The efficacy of the Our Relationship program has been tested in a nationwide study with more than 300 couples. According to the study, Our Relationship was found to significantly improve relationship functioning, including relationship satisfaction and confidence.

The Our Relationship program costs $50 if self-guided and $150 with a coach. Coaches aren’t therapists but can help couples identify relationship difficulties and tailor the online content to their specific needs. If the program is completed with a coach, couples have access to their coach for two months, including four 20-minute video calls before, during, and after completing the program.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$50 per program (without a coach)
$150 per program (with a coach)
Online course, Video chat No 13 coaches

What Patients Are Saying

Many Our Relationship users recommend the program for couples who are unable to accommodate traditional marriage counseling in their schedule. “We loved the convenience factor of doing this program at our own pace,” says one user. “And our marriage is stronger for it.”

ReGain — Best for Unlimited Messaging

regain screenshot

ReGain is an online relationship counseling platform for individuals or couples seeking counseling for relationship or marital issues. Services are provided by licensed and credentialed therapists via messaging through a computer or smartphone. For $60 to $80 per week, couples can share an unlimited number of messages, also called sessions, with their therapist. Sessions don’t require scheduling because they don’t occur in real-time.

For confidentiality, couples aren’t required to share their full names or contact information when they sign up to use this service. After signing up, couples are matched with a counselor and invited to an online “room” that’s open 24/7. Here, couples can share information about their relationship, ask questions, and discuss marital concerns. Counselors respond with feedback, insights, and guidance after reviewing these messages. Couples aren’t limited to the number of messages they can send their therapist. Some couples have short, frequent interactions with their counselors, while others have thorough, less frequent sessions.

ReGain’s therapists help couples with issues that include improving communication, resolving conflicts and disagreements, overcoming adultery, understanding the relationship better, preventing separation and divorce, discussing issues around parenting, and improving sex and intimacy, among others.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$60-$80 per week Chat No More than 5,000 counselors

What Patients Are Saying

ReGain users value the service for offering compassionate care that’s also convenient. “The marriage counselor we were paired with was stellar,” writes one user. “We liked that we could send her a message anytime we had an issue and receive insightful feedback. She’s really helped us move our relationship forward.”

Relationship Hero — Best Membership Plan

relationshiphero screenshot

Relationship Hero offers online relationship coaching bundles and subscriptions that provide access to certified relationship coaches. Relationship coaches aren’t licensed therapists but are trained to provide guidance for a broad range of relationship issues. No appointment is necessary and coaches are generally available 24/7, which gives clients convenient access to advice.

Subscription plans offer consistent support at an affordable rate — either $39 per week for four on-demand sessions per month or $69 per week for eight on-demand sessions per month. However, clients can also choose pay-by-the-minute plans based on their budget and the level of coaching they need. Coaching services are provided over the phone or through live chat.

Relationship Hero offers new clients a free 10-minute consultation when signing up. During this consultation, an online relationship coach gains an understanding of what type of coaching the client may benefit from. They then match clients with a relationship coach based on this information. Clients can also choose their own coach from a list. Additionally, Relationship Hero offers a money-back guarantee for up to 30-minutes of coaching services.

Price Appointment Types Accepts Insurance Therapists on Staff
$119 Sage Plan, (60 anytime minutes)
$199 Guru Plan (120 anytime minutes)
$359 Hero Plan (240 anytime minutes)
$39 per week (4 on-demand 60-min sessions)
$69 per week (8 on-demand 60-min sessions)
Chat No 86 coaches

What Patients Are Saying

Relationship Hero clients recommend the platform for the depth of understanding they gained from their coaches. “Our relationship coach gave us clear insights into both my partner’s behaviors and my own,” writes one client. “With her support, we’ve been able to create a much healthier foundation for our marriage.”

V. Online Marriage Counseling FAQs

What is online marriage counseling?

Online marriage counseling, also called couples therapy, helps married and unmarried couples resolve conflicts and improve their relationship by talking to a therapist through electronic means of communication. Counseling services are generally provided by a licensed therapist known as a marriage and family therapist. These therapists are mental health professionals who focus specifically on relationships. Typical delivery formats include real-time chat, video conferencing, and internet phone.

Online marriage counseling is designed to address relationship challenges both big and small. Some couples may need only a few sessions over a short-term to help weather a particular crisis. Other couples may need ongoing marriage counseling for several months, especially if the relationship has deteriorated over time. Most couples undergoing marriage counseling see a therapist once a week, especially at the start of therapy.

Is online marriage counseling effective?

A growing body of research suggests that online therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy. One study found that online therapy was effective in treating anxiety disorders. Another study found that online therapy was equally as effective as in-person therapy for the treatment of depression. A review of research also suggests that psychology services delivered by video and phone are effective for adjustment disorder, anxiety, and depression.

When it comes to online marriage counseling, the outcomes are similar, with many couples in one study expressing that online therapy created a more comfortable and less threatening space for discussion as a result of video conferencing. Some couples also shared that online therapy was able to effectively simulate face-to-face interactions.

What are the benefits of online marriage counseling?

Online marriage counseling may have some advantages over in-person counseling. These benefits include:

  • Online marriage counseling can allow couples who live in remote areas with limited access to traditional counseling services to connect with marriage and family therapists in other geographic locations.
  • This form of counseling may be more affordable than in-person therapy, especially for couples with limited or no insurance coverage.
  • For couples who are worried about the social stigma attached to marriage counseling, online marriage counseling provides a greater sense of privacy.
  • Online marriage counseling can help some couples feel more at ease because they’re in the comfort of their own home. This may allow them to open up and talk more freely.

How much does online marriage counseling cost?

The fees for online marriage counseling vary depending on the platform. Some platforms charge clients a per-session fee that varies based on the provider and length of the session. A live video chat with a therapist typically costs between $50 and $150 per session. Other platforms use a subscription-based pricing model that covers all available services.

Insurance coverage can also impact the cost of online marriage counseling. Some platforms and providers accept health insurance, while others don’t. However, many services that don’t accept insurance for online counseling offer a sliding scale fee structure based on income.

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