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Self Esteem Counseling

Online Counselling has many counselors who specialize in self esteem counseling. Self esteem counseling includes therapy from a specialist that addresses your view of self worth as a person. As you work with a therapist, you’ll discover your strengths and learn about your weaknesses and place those into a perspective that is healthy and realistic. Low self esteem is often a product of conditioning over time. You and your therapist will work together to identify events and conditioning that led up to your current perception of self worth, and in doing so you’ll learn more about how you came to view yourself in such a way that you feel you struggle with your self esteem.

You may have been experiencing trouble with trusting yourself, find yourself far too concerned with what others think, or you may struggle with validation and need acceptance to a degree that you feel isn’t in line with where you would like to be. These are just a few of many indicators. There are many different coping mechanisms that people turn to when they feel poorly about themselves or their current situation.

Working with a therapist online, you can begin your self esteem counseling and start recognizing the patterns in behavior and your patterns in thought that contribute to your low self esteem. Together, you can work to unlearn those behaviors and retrain yourself to handle situations which cause you to have low self esteem by being more aware, and more thoughtful of how they affect you.

Online Counselling provides an online directory of many therapists all over the world to give you more choices in therapists to work with. Every therapist on the directory also practices therapy online, which means you can work with a therapist in a more convenient way. If your low self esteem also causes you to feel uncomfortable going to an office, or meeting a therapist for the first time on their terms, you might find that meeting your therapist online from the comfort of your own home feels more approachable.

You can get started with finding the right therapist for you to start your self esteem counseling by using our therapist search bar below. Online counselling is effective and convenient, and our directory has therapists that are ready and just waiting to connect with you.

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