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Why are private practice consultants becoming a thing?  See, the benefit of getting higher education in counselling is that you are taught how to be an excellent clinician. However, most programs never teach the basics on how to run a business. If you have a private practice – you have a small business. And as a business owner, there are many skills that are essential to your success. Many private practices fail or never reach their full potential because they are never taught the marketing and business skills that are essential to their success. As a result, their reach and impact on the clients that need them are never felt.

Below are a few of the best private practice consultants in the business. They focus on teaching therapists and coaches how to grow their practices into thriving businesses with national and even global impacts. Most of them have free information on their sites and blogs that are incredibly valuable. And we know first hand that by working with them individually, it can make all the difference. Invest in yourself – check them out.

Practice of the Practice

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Founded by Joe Sanok in 2012, Practice of the Practice is the home of the most successful private practice podcast in the world. Joe started his counselling practice straight out of grad school and admits he knew nothing about business. His blog is really his journey of what he has learned – and passing on to you. Incredibly valuable information by a man who has a mission to help other counsellors find success. Frankly, the Online Therapy Directory would not exist without him.

Annie Schuessler – The Therapist’s Business Coach

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Annie Schuessler is the practice consultant you want if you desire a highly individualized approach.  She helps you create the therapy practice only YOU can create – because it reflects you and your “Super Power”.  Don’t know your super power? Well Annie can help you find it.  With multiple levels of engagement – she can take you from where you are to where you want to be.



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Founded by two therapists, Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer (known throughout the industry as “Kelly and Miranda”) they have created an incredibly fun and passionate approach to building successful and passionate private practices. They offer a “Business School Bootcamp” that teaches clinicians all the skills that they should have learned in grad school. Lots of valuable and free information on their site – they love what they do and it shows!


Dr. Julie Hanks

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Need help building a strong online presence, an engaged social media following, and a media presence in order to build your practice? Dr. Julie Hanks is your go-to person. She is the owner of her own incredibly successful private practice and is sought after by local and national media to comment on all things mental health. And her Private Practice Toolbox blog and Rock the Media School for Therapist E-courses can give a beginner their best start or take a veteran to the next level. Be sure to follow her blog for great tips and guidance or schedule individual coaching.


Selling the Couch

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Melvin Varghese has an authenticity that is infectious. He has created an online support community that is passionate about learning together and supporting one another. His top ranked podcast is a treasure of information as he interviews the best of the best in the fields of business, marketing and private practice. His site is an up to date education on how to create and run a successful practice.  His hope is to re-define what it means to be in private practice.  He helps folks build traditional practices but then also expand the definition of private practitioner to include things like podcasting, speaking, e-courses, webinars, etc – the idea of creating multiple income streams.  He helps us build a balanced life while serving a world in need.


Grow My Practice

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Martin Hogg, a counsellor and coach, has created an incredible resource. Working with therapists across the UK and Ireland – he is teaching clinicians how to grow their practices into thriving enterprises. He says: “You concentrate on your therapy, let me look after the marketing.” He has home study courses and live courses and workshops. As a leader in the market – counsellors and coaches in the UK and Ireland should make this a must stop on their learning path.


The Private Practice Workshop

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John Clark is a private practice expert.  He works with therapists all over the world to grow their practices into sustainable and profitable businesses.  He offers Business Basics, Website Analysis, Marketing and SEO, Networking advice and tips on building an entirely Private Pay Practice.  He is a dynamo and knows his stuff!


Jo Muirhead

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Jo is a hurricane of energy and smarts. She works will all allied health professionals (psychotherapists, life coaches, physical therapists, anyone in private practice!) to create thriving and balanced businesses. The balanced part is key. She believes that as helping professionals, we must also take care of our selves! She is passionate, fun and full of information. A great person and wonderful coach!


Counseling Wise

Counseling Wise

Becky DeGrossa worked in technology consulting for 20 years and shifted towards a masters in counselling – resulting in a very successful private practice. Now she uses her extensive knowledge about online marketing, web design, SEO and blogging to assist other therapists to do the same. Her site is loaded with free information and she regularly gives webinars to coach you to the next level. The folks here at the Online Therapy Directory have worked with her and we can attest that she is incredibly kind and knowledgeable. A great resource!