Rima Danielle Jomaa, MFT

  • 10 years of Experience
  • United States
  • Victorville, California
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Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues


Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues



Age Group Focus


Treatment Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Family / Marital, Family Systems, Feminist, Gottman Method, Humanistic, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness-based (MBCT), Multicultural, Psychodynamic

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About Rima Danielle Jomaa

I'm Rima Danielle Jomaa and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist from California. I only teach what I know works because I implement the tools personally or they’ve been tested for years with the clients I’ve worked with. I know how to deliver them to you efficiently & to meet YOU where you’re at in your process - not where I think you should be. I live in pursuit of my dreams and I help others heal from their past so they can do the same. I get what it means to struggle, to sacrifice, and to live with courage. I know what it takes to live an authentic and honest life - and it’s not easy. I actively set boundaries and communicate regularly with those around me. I’ve worked hard on my own personal journey (and still do!) to understand, learn and change my existence to a way that best suits me. I help my clients learn to do the same in their lives in a way that is respectful and enjoyable. How I Work My clients enjoy the warm rapport they have with me. I approach each client from a unique perspective as each client is unique. I collaborate with them to understand their needs and goals, and from there I create a treatment plan that is special for them. I believe that each client has a story that can be retold in a new way, and a story that is still being written, so the middle and ending can change as the client transforms. The approaches I use are a blend of cognitive-behavioral and humanistic, as well as various techniques from other theories (as appropriate for the client). Telehealth / Teletherapy / COVID-19 I have a 100% VIRTUAL psychotherapy practice (aka telehealth or teletherapy). I’ve worked online since 2018. Due to COVID-19 concerns and the rapidly changing landscape we live in, teletherapy is becoming the NORM versus a “last resort” option. This makes me an EXPERT in telehealth. I have experience in leveraging the challenges of telehealth and capitalizing on the benefits so you won’t feel like you’re compromising a thing. Read my reviews below to hear what clients have to say! Hypnotherapy I am a trained hypnotherapist as well, and offer personalized hypnotherapy sessions for just about any topic or issue you’d like to address. Popular topics include: Confidence/Self-esteem Social Anxiety Healthy eating Weight Loss Sleep difficulties Quit smoking/drinking Forgiveness Releasing anger Perfectionism Past Life Regression (PLR) Improve skills with instruments or sports (like guitar or surfing or whatever!) and more! Psychedelic Integration I assist clients with psychedelic integration of ayahuasca, mushrooms and other plant medicines. If you are preparing to work with plant medicines or you have already and you are seeking support from a qualified psychotherapist who’s familiar with the work, don’t hesitate to contact me. In 1-3 sessions, we can help you prepare or process your experience & make a plan for success moving forward. Plus, I’ll always be here on your team moving forward to support you on your path. Certified Gottman Leader As far as relationships go, I study and use Dr. Gottman's methods and I am a certified Gottman Leader. He is often called the "love doctor" because of his decades of extensive research on love & relationships. The first step towards healing and living a fulfilling and enriching life is to reach out to those who can support you, and I'm always honored to provide that support to my clients. If you feel like I could be the person to help you, please don't hesitate to contact me. BIPOC / Immigrant Ally I am a first generation American, born to Lebanese parents who left during the civil war to find new opportunities for their family. I personally understand the intricacies of living between cultures and countries. Additionally, I spent two years of my undergraduate career studying under Dr. Vernoica Benet-Martinez in her Biculturalism lab at the University of California, Riverside (2006-2007). I have extensive research and clinical experience working with Bicultural identity integration and with addressing the unique needs of the BIPOC and immigrant community. I have spent many years as a political activist and have a unique understanding of the plight of those fighting against injustice and experiencing inequality. Get support before compassion fatigue limits your ability to be useful to your community. I provide a sliding scale for clients and will honor where you are at financially, no questions asked, if you feel like I am the right counselor for you. Vegan Ally I’ve been an ethical vegan & animal activist for 10 years. I understand on a deep level the plight of vegans and animal activists and would be honored to work with anyone on this path. Together, my clients and I create magic!

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