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About Janine Caamano

There are days that you want to get away from your child and it kills you to feel this way. You sometimes think of the life you had prior to having children. You were less exhausted then. You didn’t think parenting would be this hard. Your child is having constant meltdowns and becomes upset over the littlest things. This happens almost daily. You have tried everything and they never seem to be happy no matter what you do. You feel like you have failed as a parent. You are worried that this is your life now and nothing is going to change. You feel helpless.

All you want is for your child to be happy. You want them to be able to express their feelings in healthy ways that don’t lead into an argument or meltdown. You want them to show you the respect that you deserve. You want to connect as a family again.

My name is Janine Caamano.

I am a psychotherapist, but children call me “the feelings doctor.”

I am completely fluent in Spanish and Portuguese

I help children ages 3-10 who wish to have friends but lack the appropriate social skills. I use play therapy techniques to teach children conversational skills, problem solving skills, social skills, and how to manage their emotions so that they can develop meaningful relationships with others.

I work with children who suffer from Anxiety, ADHD, and Trauma. Often time’s children suffer from co-occurring disorders or are misdiagnosed due to being easily distracted, disorganized, hyperactive, impulsive, and/or having difficulty sleeping as these are all common symptoms amongst children who suffer from Anxiety, Trauma, and ADHD.

*The Child:
I know from working with children over the years that children want to feel a sense of belonging and want to feel like they are doing a good job. My therapy approach helps children to:
-Be more aware of their emotions
-Increase their ability to express himself/herself safely and effectively
-Be more organized
-Improve their ability to focus when completing a task
-Increase their self-esteem
-Develop problem solving skills
-Increase confidence
-Increase ability to develop meaningful relationships with others.

*The Parent:
Parents wish for their children to be happy. They want to learn the best way they can support their child so that their child can one day grow to become an independent adult. I understand that parenting can be hard. I will help your family increase communication and strengthen your bond. I will work with you on ensuring your child’s needs are being met and that they feel loved.

*How I Help:
I provide services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I use play therapy techniques to engage children in session as play is their natural language. I provide children with a comfortable environment and genuine care which helps children heal. Children are often criticized for their mistakes and struggles and are not recognized for their efforts. I will help your child believe in themselves and help identify the strengths that they possess. Children have the right to feel respected, be seen, and be heard. Through play, I give children a voice. I work on increasing your child’s confidence so that they can achieve their full potential. I utilize creativity in my sessions in order to keep the child engaged and to make our sessions fun and enjoyable so that the child is able to learn and grow. I believe every child has the right to experience happiness every day. Laughter is extremely important, and I make sure children laugh in my sessions in order to decrease any anxiety that they may experience. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

*My Credentials:
-Master of Social Work from Kean University (MSW)
-Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
-Registered Play Therapist (RPT)
-Certified Child & Adolescent Trauma Professional (CATP)
-Certified Clinical ADHD Professional (ADHD-CCSP)
-Certified Child & Adolescent Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP-CA)
-Certified in AutPlay Therapy
-Sandtray Therapy Specialist
-Trained in EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
-Trained in CPRT (Child-Parent Relationship Therapy)
-Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy

I have helped children just like yours learn to manage big emotions, regulate their own behavior, and voice their needs in calm, respectful ways. I use play therapy techniques which allows children to express themselves in their preferred language: play! To schedule an appointment visit

-Initial Intake Session (Psychiatric Evaluation): $250
-Individual Child Therapy Session: $180
-Parent/Caregiver Support Session: $180
-Family Therapy Session: $180

Due to licensing requirements, the client must be physically located in New Jersey or outside of the United States (if not a United States resident) at the time of the session.

We are in network with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield! If you are interested in Telehealth, please contact your insurance to verify coverage as not all plans cover this service. Services may be paid for out of pocket.

We are also an out of network provider. Contact your insurance company to verify your benefits. We are happy to assist you with the proper paperwork to file a claim for partial reimbursement with your insurance company. Reimbursement from your insurance company is not guaranteed. Full fee is due at the time of service.


Ayudo a niños de 3 a 10 años que desean tener amigos pero carecen de las habilidades sociales apropiadas. Utilizo técnicas de terapia de juego para enseñar a los niños habilidades de conversación, capacidad para resolver problemas, habilidades sociales y cómo mejorar su bienestar emocional para que puedan desarrollar relaciones significativas con los demás.

Trabajo con niños con ansiedad, Desorden Hiperactivo y Deficit de Atención y niños que sufren de traumas. A menudo, los niños sufren de trastornos concurrentes o son diagnosticados erróneamente debido a que se distraen fácilmente, se desorganizan, son hiperactivos, impulsivos y/o tienen dificultades para dormir. En realidad, estos también son síntomas comunes entre los niños que sufren de ansiedad, trauma y Desorden Hiperactivo y Deficit de Atención.

*El niño:
Trabajando con niños a lo largo de los años he aprendido que quieren tener un sentido de pertenencia y quieren sentir que están haciendo un buen trabajo. Mi enfoque terapéutico ayuda a los niños a:

-Estar más consciente de sus emociones.
-Aumentar su capacidad de expresarse de manera segura y efectiva
-Ser más organizado
-Mejorar su capacidad de concentración al completar la tarea.
-Aumentar su autoestima
-Desarrollar habilidades para resolver problemas
-Aumentar la confianza
-Aumentar la capacidad de desarrollar relaciones significativas con los demás

*Los Padres:
Todos los padres desean que sus hijos sean felices, intentan aprender de la mejor manera posible en que puedan apoyar a sus hijos para que algún día puedan convertirse en adultos independientes. Entiendo que la crianza de los hijos puede ser difícil. Ayudaré a su familia a aumentar la comunicación y fortalecer su vínculo. Trabajaré con usted para garantizar que se satisfagan las necesidades de sus hijos y que se sientan amados.

*Como Ayudo:
Utilizo técnicas de terapia de juego para involucrar a los niños en la sesión, ya que el juego es su lenguaje natural. Proporciono a los niños un ambiente cómodo con un cuidado genuino que ayude a los niños a sanar. Los niños a menudo son criticados por sus errores y riñas y no son reconocidos por sus esfuerzos. Ayudaré a su hijo a creer en sí mismo y lo ayudaré a identificar las fortalezas que posee. Los niños tienen derecho a sentirse respetados, ser vistos y escuchados. A través del juego, les doy una voz a los niños. Trabajo para aumentar la confianza de sus hijos para que puedan alcanzar su máximo potencial. Utilizo la creatividad en mis sesiones para mantener al niño comprometido y hacer que nuestras sesiones sean divertidas y agradables para que el niño pueda aprender y crecer. Cada niño tiene derecho a sentirse feliz en su día a día. La risa es extremadamente importante, y me aseguro de que los niños se rían en mis sesiones para disminuir cualquier ansiedad que puedan tener. Como dice el refrán, "La risa es la mejor medicina".

Creo que todos los niños tienen el derecho a ser felices. Es por eso que comencé Healing Through Play Therapy. Pida cita hoy! Si prefiere tener las citas por medio de internet/video, debe estar en New Jersey o fuera de los Estados Unidos (si no es residente de los Estados Unidos).


ADHD, Anxiety, Trauma / PTSD


English, Spanish, Portuguese

Age Group Focus


Treatment Approaches

Attachment-based, Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), EMDR, Narrative, Play Therapy, Sand Play, Person-Centered Therapy


Academic issues, ADHD, Anger Management, Anxiety, Asperger’s, Autism, Behavior Issues, Coping Skills, Depression, Grief, Oppositional Defiance, Parenting, Self Esteem, Sleep or Insomnia, Trauma / PTSD

Contact Janine Caamano, MSW, LCSW, RPT, CATP, ADHD-CCSP, CCATP-CA