Jessica Campbell, PCC

  • 16 years of Experience
  • United States
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
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Age Group Focus

Adolescents, Adults

Treatment Approaches

Attachment-based, EMDR, Trauma Focused

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About Jessica Campbell

I believe that in this big messy world there is always more life to be lived. I believe in you and your ability to live life more. I am a trauma therapist. We often become what we are because of the experiences we have had. I know trauma, and I've healed from trauma. Many things have played a role in my healing, but the most profound was EMDR. So, I am an EMDR therapist. An attachment focused, root digging, emotional smoke-trail following EMDR therapist. Other things are important too, of course- mindfulness/present focused living, rational thinking skills, self-care, etc. I believe in providing a safe space for all, and whoever you are, I want you to become your best self. As I continue to work toward becoming MY best self, I've learned that I love adventure and change, growth and healing. I love my people. I love my animals (all animals really). I love minimalism, simplicity, and organization. I love travel, exploration, diversity and being immersed in other cultures. I love that I have learned to be present in my life without the need to control it all. I love that I am able to love. I love helping others heal from trauma. I've lived thru messy and I understand messy. Get to know me better thru my website.

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