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Online Counseling Services

Written by: OnlineTherapy.com Experts

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Updated: Jun 01, 2022

What are online counseling services?

The online counseling services that you will find by using our directory are the same services you would find from seeking out an offline therapist or counselor. We have created a directory of the very best online therapists in the world and provide you with the tools to search for the right therapist for your needs. After finding your perfect online counselor, we provide you the medium to reach out, ask questions, and determine if he or she is the right fit for you and your issue.  Together, you and your counsellor can decide what modality is best: video conference (such as Skype), phone, text or email. By using the Online Therapy Directory you have the freedom to search our database from anywhere in the world, on any mobile device  and find a therapist or counselor that is right for you.

What are the benefits of online counseling services?

There are many benefits to using online counseling services. Our Online Therapy Directory provides you with a database of highly qualified and certified counselors, life coaches, couples counselors, and hypnotherapists to help with your specific issue. We realize that not everyone has access to quality counseling services within their community and offer a solution to that problem. By using the Online Therapy Directory, you can search for the right counselor in the right place by using a variety of matching criteria including: type of therapist, area of focus, language, gender, treatment approach, faith, and sexuality. Not only can you find the right online psychologist, therapist, or counselor to help with your specific issue, you also benefit from the convenience of being able to meet with your counselor in the comfort of your own home or keep your appointments while traveling.

Who are online counseling services for?

Online counseling services are for anyone who needs psychological help to talk about their problems and feelings, needs guidance navigating their relationship with a spouse or partner, or would benefit from working with a coach to overcome a specific obstacle. By using the Online Counseling Find a Therapist Search, you can narrow down what type of therapist you’re looking for, what issues you’d like to work on with that therapist, what age group you’d like your therapist to specialize in and what language or languages you’d prefer that they speak. Online therapy can be especially beneficial and convenient for couples seeking counseling in order to improve their relationship.  You can attend a session from anywhere in the world, and your partner can be by your side or across the country. The digital format allows for flexibility and comfort that creates a new level of intimacy while providing you the time and space to collect your individual thoughts. Online counseling services are also for anyone who does not have access to quality therapists or therapists who treat their specific issues within their community. When seeking out psychological help, it is necessary to make sure that you are not only comfortable with your therapist, but also that they have the skills and experience necessary to treat your specific condition.

Is online therapy safe?

You may be wondering whether online counseling services are safe, and rightly so. Rest assured that your online therapy sessions will be kept confidential on our encrypted platforms. We also verify each therapist’s credentials, amount of education, experience, training, and references to ensure that they have the right skills to help you. Once you’ve found the right therapist or counselor, you can fill out a confidential contact form to them to get things started. We pride ourselves on listing only the best of the best. Our mission is to make counseling accessible to everyone who needs it and provide them with a search tool to find the right therapist for them.

Our Online Therapy Directory Find a Therapist search tools allows you to find the help you need in a safe, effective, and convenient way. You can access your therapist on any mobile device from anywhere in the world. Start searching for your online counselor now!