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We are the world’s #1 Directory for Online Counseling!

And we are excited to announce our new FREE membership program.

Is it really free?

Yes! In exchange for adding a link-badge to your site, you can list your profile with the directory for FREE!

Are Free Members treated differently than Paid Members?

Absolutely not.  There is equal footing.  Each search is randomized…sometimes your profile will be the top result, others times it will be on the bottom or sometimes in between…but all listings are treated equally.

Do I have to give my credit card info?

No.  You are not being billed, so no credit card info is required.

How does it work?

To qualify for the Free Membership you must:

  1. Have a website for your private practice.
  2. Place our “Certified Online Counseling Membership” badge in the footer of your site.

What do the badges look like?

online counseling certified member badge

online therapy membership badge

online therapy membership badge

How do I get the badges on my site?

The badges act as links that connect back to the directory.  They will need to be coded into the footer of your site.  The code is provided in the dashboard of your membership.

You can do it yourself.

You can have your web designer do it.

Or we can do it for you.