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Shannon Franco, LCPC

professionLicensed Professional Counsellor

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About Shannon Franco

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Are you feeling so much emotion inside and don't know how to even begin? Is everything starting to cave in and you keep reacting and caught up in the same drama and situation over and over? You don't have to keep being in this tornado. You CAN get control back and start changing your life. I will help you slow things down, see more clearly and get back on your journey as you wanted. I will help you gently dig and help heal those wounded parts still inside. You can do this and I will help!

The tools that I will provide you with are the tools that I have been perfecting over my career helping people just like you. My goal for you is to learn tools that can help you day to day function and manage the way you want to instead of what is happening currently. So no matter where you go, you will feel more confident in yourself and ability to handle what might come up. I also will help you learn how to identify parts that come up and how to work with them so that when you find yourself being jolted - you can break it down and see what this part is trying to do and how you can manage and work with it so that you can again, function and function and react the way you want and know you can. We will work on past traumatic wounds and help them to heal and release so they aren't pulling you in emotional directions you don't want to go and so that you aren't emotionally or psychologically blind-sighted. You will gain more self control, esteem, and ability to manage your emotions.

I believe that you can change and grow through your struggle no matter what it is. I believe this from personally overcoming life shattering situations and also by working with clients helping them re-mold their minds, thoughts, and lives. I think the main reason we develop mental health issues is from what we learned from our environment growing up- the messages that were directly or indirectly told to us. Studies show by the age of 7, children have their beliefs about self love, love in general, trust, safety, worthiness, being enough, acceptance, if they are good or bad, etc. and they they carry it out in their lives and into adulthood. As adults, we then see how certain beliefs are destroying us and we need to change or tweak them. Our adult journey can be enhanced greatly by tweaking some personal perceptions of self and releasing past trauma. I'm ready to begin! Message or call me and lets get started!


Anxiety, Depression, Trauma / PTSD



Age Group Focus


Treatment Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Family Systems


Alcohol Abuse, Anger Management, Anxiety, Behavior Issues, Coping Skills, Depression, Divorce, Drug Abuse, Family Conflict, Self Esteem

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