Heather McKenzie, MS, LPCS

Specialties: Anxiety, Life Coaching, Relationship Issues


Anxiety, Life Coaching, Relationship Issues



Age Group Focus


Treatment Approaches

Coaching, Dialectical (DBT), Gottman Method, Integrative, Relational


Academic issues, Anger Management, Anxiety, Borderline Personality, Coping Skills, Depression, Eating Disorders, Goal Setting, Leadership, Life Coaching, OCD, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Sleep or Insomnia, Trauma / PTSD, Women’s Issues

About Heather McKenzie

You have this one life; it should feel the way you want it to! But maybe instead it feels overwhelming and heavy. Maybe you wonder "Why can't I stop over-thinking?" "What's wrong with me?" "Why do I feel like this?" People I work with tell me things like "I can't turn off my brain," or "I'm all over the place," or "I want to stop overreacting but I just can't." They often feel at the mercy of their emotions. For many folks, the quality of their relationships and jobs and daily experiences all seem to depend on how they feel at any given moment. Most of them are sensitive and insightful souls who have a real desire to feel close to others and feel more in control of their own insides. They just don't know how....yet! The main thing to know about me is that I'm very strategy-oriented in therapy. I enjoy equipping people with the knowledge and tools they need in order to feel and think and communicate and relate more effectively. I build a connection with clients by listening carefully to their story and their patterns and then we identify tweaks & shifts that can get them closer to their goals. I am a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Intensively Trained Clinician, have extensive training in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and completed Level II Gottman Method Couples therapy training. I aim to help people be truly seen and feel truly valued as they do the hard work to change their life. To that end, I am on the accepting & open end of the spectrum and have deep appreciation for all countries, ethnicities, gender orientations, sexual orientations, spiritual beliefs, economic statuses, ability levels, and value systems.

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