Thomas Smithyman, PhD

Specialties: Anxiety, Asperger’s, Self Esteem


Anxiety, Asperger’s, Self Esteem



Age Group Focus


Treatment Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Interpersonal, Mindfulness-based (MBCT)


Autism, Chronic Pain, Depression, Goal Setting, Introversion, Men’s Issues, OCD

About Thomas Smithyman

"Your Path to a Confident Social Life." You’ve been struggling with social anxiety for a long time. You know you’re not reaching your potential — you could have a more fulfilling social life, advance farther at work, feel comfortable flirting, or even enjoy public speaking. Your anxiety around others is holding you back. You find yourself thinking: - "What if they notice how anxious I am?" - "What if I try to connect but they don't like me?" - "I'm probably going to screw this up" - "Why am I so awkward?" You end up feeling lonely, frustrated, and self critical. It could be Social Anxiety Disorder - Public Speaking Anxiety - Dating Anxiety - Social Anxiety at Work - People Pleasing - Loneliness - not to mention - Worry and Depression. Maybe you’ve noticed that your social anxiety gets worse over time. You end up feeling further and further behind. You worry that it will never get better. *I can help* I know how hard it is to suffer with social anxiety. I have dedicated my life to helping people overcome their social fears and live their best life. I know it’s intimidating to take that first step to begin treatment but I’ve done this many times and I’ll guide you through the treatment process. Let's get started.

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