David Hayden, MA

  • 6 years of Experience
  • United States
  • Portland, Oregon



Age Group Focus


Treatment Approaches

Attachment-based, Coaching, EMDR, Emotionally Focused, Somatic


Anxiety, Codependency, Depression

State License


About David Hayden

Connection is what we all desire, but it seems impossible. Fear, past relationships, hurt, the possibility of pain, they all beg us not to risk again. We aren’t good enough, we can’t be controlled again, we can’t mess up, these are a few things we tell ourselves. And more than anything, we are worn out, we’ve tried so hard, and all that’s left us with is more isolation and more failure. We can’t keep giving like this, living like this, connecting to our partner or partners like this but we simply don’t know how to stop. And we don’t need more advice, though that could be helpful, what we desire is someone to really listen, really know us. To help us unpack what got us to this point, burn what no longer serves us and walk into a new and beautiful life. If these things appeal to something in you, I ask you to reach out to me. I have extensive experience in the field of mental health, providing depth, long term therapy as well as crisis support. I work from an attachment focus, have completed training in EMDR as well as somatic orientations. I work from an emotionally focused lens and love to incorporate meditation, as well as humor into my sessions.

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