Kirstin Carl, M.S., LMFT

Specialties: Anxiety, Sexual Abuse, Trauma / PTSD


Anxiety, Sexual Abuse, Trauma / PTSD


English, Spanish

Age Group Focus

Adolescents, Adults

Treatment Approaches

Attachment-based, Emotionally Focused, Psychodynamic


Anxiety, Child or Adolescent, Codependency, Coping Skills, Depression, Dual Diagnosis, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Spirituality, Trauma / PTSD, Women’s Issues

About Kirstin Carl

Before the Covid crisis, the weight of your thoughts was already crushing. Then the whole world shifted without warning, bringing you to a breaking point. Do you identify with any of these? -You are stuck at home, feeling disconnected from relationships and activities that nourish you. The walls are closing in on you, as you face another day alone. -It is hard to enjoy your family's company, when your partner is on top of you, and the kids are driving you crazy. -The hours blend into each other, as uncertainty consumes you. -Financial insecurity lights your anxiety on fire. -Taking care of yourself seems beyond reach. You are finding reasons to put off therapy, but can you really afford to? A healthy mental state is critical right now. Are you trying the escape model--pulling the covers over your head until it all goes away? Or are you getting snippy with your family? If you are the captain of the ship, and your family is looking to you for guidance, it is crucial that you fill your own cup first, so you can steer the ship with calm. In our virtual sessions, we will tackle your overwhelm, and find balance. With concrete tools and strategies, you will emerge stronger from this crisis. You will have a toolbox to navigate these current times. You will develop healthy boundaries and communication; learn your triggers and manage your anxiety; and have a self-care plan. You will be able to access a healthy perspective and find joy, even within the confines set up around you. My rate is $200. I’m offering discounts for those who need it. Email me today to inquire & set up a free consultation.

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