Daniel Quinton, RCH

Specialties: Anxiety, Self Esteem, Trauma / PTSD


Anxiety, Self Esteem, Trauma / PTSD



Age Group Focus


Treatment Approaches



Addiction, Anger Management, Chronic Pain, Coping Skills, Goal Setting, Introversion, Men’s Issues, OCD, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss

About Daniel Quinton

As a young adult, I had the tendency to listen to others problems. I found friends & acquaintances were comfortable confiding in me. However at that time I never considered working in the field of therapy. Art and design was my passion; so I worked on developing my creative side, my ‘right brain’ aspects. Like many of us, I had become aware of the patterns occurring in my life. I needed to tackle the challenges I faced to overcome obstacles. I became aware that the solutions to my problems would be found by turning my awareness within. I became even more interested in exploring my state of consciousness. I wanted to find a way to not only learn to heal myself but also help others. It was at that point that I looked deeper into Hypnotherapy, and found that it is a powerful tool for transformation by helping bypass the critical thinking mind and working with the subconscious. Now I enjoy helping others find the root of their problems. I help clients uncover the thought processes that are holding them back. I assist people in healing from past events, achieving their goals, moving toward living a life they desire.

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