Perrin Whimpress, MAPP, GDipMH Nurs, GDipNurs

Specialties: Anxiety, Borderline Personality, Depression


Anxiety, Borderline Personality, Depression



Age Group Focus


Treatment Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Dialectical (DBT), Existential, Feminist, Humanistic, Integrative, Mindfulness-based (MBCT), Narrative, Trauma Focused


Addiction, Aging, Alcohol Abuse, Anxiety, Behavior Issues, Borderline Personality, Caregiver Stress, Coping Skills, Coping With Medical Issues, Depression, Divorce, Drug Abuse, Dual Diagnosis, Grief, Introversion, Men’s Issues, Military, OCD, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem, Sleep or Insomnia, Trauma / PTSD

About Perrin Whimpress

I’m Perrin and I’ve been a mental health and community services practitioner for over 30 years. Yeah, that’s a long time and I’ve learned a thing or two about the stuff people face in the normal course of life, from a vast number of situations and in many walks of life. I’ve also learned what helps, from evidence based research and applied practice. But not everything works for everyone. So here’s the thing - lots of things work and different things work for different people. You’ve gotta get the right fit. This counselling service is designed to give you practical new ways of dealing with and thinking about your unique situation. And that’s what makes Fleurieu Wellbeing unique - no more counselling-as-usual. With a positive psychology focus we are guided by three pillars of good mental health; Hope, Resilience and Wellbeing. These are the things I believe helps shift our perspective from a traditional illness model, to one of long term wellbeing. Wellbeing is not about being in a constant state of feeling up, happy-go-lucky or just peachy all the time, even though social media, some of our friends or colleagues, even family members, may make it seem this way. Nope. Wellbeing can be experienced even in the difficult times. It encompasses all of our emotions and circumstances and messy human-ness and allows the light to poke through just enough for us to be able to develop our psychological resources. The resources that have a magnetic pull towards a better, brighter future. Perrin lives by the sea in the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia with his partner, Kim, a Positive Psychology Coach & Educator, and founder of Workcraft Women™ along with their family and shetland sheepdog, Siggy Freud! (checkout our Instagram for cute, cheesy, puppy pics!)

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